The Main Research Laboratory

The MRL at IIB is a state-of-the-art BSL2 laboratory that is built with an open and lean approach. Open as its a central shared laboratory space for all research groups, something which enhances sharing of ideas and collaboration. Lean because its made as compact as possible with minimum redundancy of equipment but at the same time a complete workflow of experiments required. The lab is fully equipped with all basic needs including power backup, air-conditioning and remote temperature control and dedicated water and gas supplies. This makes sure all experiments run seamlessly and without any interruptions. The laboratory also has a small foyer that is instrumental in dust control and also provides space for lab coats and personal bags, etc.

The MRL has top-of-the-range and safety-certified equipment for conducting all basic microbiology and molecular biology experiments. This includes BSL2 safety cabinets, a fume hood for chemicals, Type III ultra-pure water filtration, refrigerators (4C), freezers (-20C), ultra-freezers (-80C), incubators and an autoclave.
MRL allows students and faculty to conduct research in the broader areas of microbiology, molecular biology, Nano-biotechnology, protein biochemistry, cell culture and fruit fly genetics.

The lab has the following sections

The Media Prep Bay

This is where all media and reagents are prepared. It contains a wide-range of chemicals and ingredients along with solvents and water supply (tap, distilled and ultra-pure), weight balances, pH meters and magnetic stirrers.

The Gel Bay

The gel bay contains multiple sets off electrophoresis equipment for DNA (horizontal) and proteins (vertical). it also has a UV transilluminator and BioRad Gel Doc machine for imaging gels. This bay is treated with care and all gloves and wastes follow a different protocol of disposal.

Cell Culture Room

The cell culture room has a laminar flow hood, an incubator and an inverted microscope for all cell culture protocols.

Fly Room

The fly room has a dedicated incubator for growing fruit flies. These are mutant flies that are used for all sorts of experiments. The lab has a stereo-microscope and all accessories for fly pushing.

Dark Room

The dark room is kept for processing photographic films after exposure during blotting experiments.