Students Internship Program


‘Biotechnology is the new Digital’. We are about to see breathtaking new developments in the field, and what is better for our best students from schools and colleges to prepare for this new era of technological change.
IIB for the first time is rolling out the Student Internship Programme (SIP) for A-levels and FSc students for 6-8 weeks of hands on experience in a cutting-edge research project. This is an unprecedented chance for not only gaining real-world research experience – both in dry lab work (computers) and wet-lab research (the real lab!), but also to brush up their team-work, inter-personal and communication skills.
IIB interns will gain skills and knowledge that prepare them for the workforce as well as related higher education coursework. Simultaneously, interns will improve their professional skills through work in a professional setting and dealing with workplace values such as punctuality, respect, and time management.

Why apply for SIP?
• Hands on experience by being part of real life research projects in the lab.
• Exposure to latest concepts, trends and techniques in Biology and Medicine.
• Training in the ‘scientific method’ and experimental design.
• Becoming part of a growing and vibrant biology community.
• Enhance your interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
• Receive experience certificate from Director’s Office and boost your CVs.
• Earn recommendations for your university applications – in the country and abroad.
• Better preparation to take well-informed decisions for a successful career.

How to apply?
The programme rolls out in July 2016 and will be open to students of selected schools and colleges. Students may apply by sending their CVs through their biology teachers at
This 6-8 weeks internship programme is specially designed for A-levels and FSc students. Only Grade 11 and 12 students can apply.