Welcome to the Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS) at CECOS University!

This is a brand new initiative through which we intend to develop top-notch human resources in different areas of health sciences. We expect our graduates to be honest, hard working, and knowledgeable professionals who show empathy for the human condition and will leave a lasting footprint on our society.

To meet future challenges, our students must successfully navigate through a rigorous set of theory and laboratory-based courses that are taught by highly talented members of our faculty. Much emphasis is placed on evidence-based education, which takes place through experiments conducted in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Typical laboratory sessions involve designing and setting up experiments followed by collecting, analyzing, discussing as well as presenting the data obtained. Showing students in the laboratory what is taught in the classroom isan edge that sets us apart from allied health science programs offered by other Institutions.

Our curriculum is designed to bring out the very best in students in terms of achieving academic excellence as well as personality development. Throughout their period of study students are encouraged to ask questions, learn, think and articulate their ideas, as well as tackle challenging problems. At DAHS, there exist no barriers between students and faculty!

A component of the Institute of Integrative Biosciences, DAHS has excellent faculty, well-equipped lab facilities, and offers conducive academic environment that promotes learning, thinking and expression.

If you wish to be a part of an institution that is student-centric, emphasizes student learning as well as personality development, then come and join us. I am confident you won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Eimaan Sumayyah

Chairperson, Department of Allied Health Sciences