“The Value of an idea lies in the using of it.” – Thomas Edison
“In the future the new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.” – Freeman Dyson
“We are learning a language in which God Created life.” – Bill Clinton
“In think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning, just like the digital one.” – Steve Jobs

How it all began?
The Biotechnology Entrepreneurship (BioE) course was developed and offered to final year (7th semester) biotechnology undergraduates by Dr Faisal Khan in the fall of 2014 as a Visiting Faculty at the University of Peshawar. It was modeled around the latest contents used in universities like MIT and Stanford and is what was studied by him as a PhD student at the University of Oxford. At the end of the course in Peshawar, 14 startups were created with business models around biotech innovations that could be developed and brought to the market. This was very well received by students, faculty and the local industry.
The same course was offered again in 2015 which created another 21 startups. The course is part of the BS Biotechnology curriculum at IIB, CECOS and has been taught to second year students there as well. This brought in a lot of local nuance to the subject matter which ultimately added more value to BioE.
In 2016, the Directorate of Science and Technology decided to pilot the course in a 2-day workshop format in four different campuses in four different regions of KP, with a sole aim of training the next generation of leaders in biotechnology and ultimately nurturing a local biotech industry in the province.

The BioE Workshop is a 2-day training aimed to give the basics of business and entrepreneurship to students and faculty of Biotechnology and related fields and to arm them with necessary skills to turn their innovative ideas into viable businesses.
The broader objective is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the biotechnology space and encourage students and faculty members to solve the most pressing national challenges we face in health, agriculture, livestock, forests, energy and other sectors.

Why Attend?
• Learn the basics of innovation and entrepreneurship
• Identify key components of a startup business
• Practically build a business around a biotech idea in a team
• Familiarize yourself with business jargon
• Earn a certificate and a chance to win prizes
• Network and connect with peers from different universities

What’s included?
• Lecture on innovation and entrepreneurship
• Case study: How new markets emerge
• Pitch session: Present your idea (or listen to others) and make teams
• Build a startup business around each idea in teams (with multiple mentor sessions).
• Final presentation of your startup

For student queries: awasay@cecos.edu.pk
For partnership queries: faisal@cecos.edu.pk