At IIB, we have a strong cross-disciplinary team of researchers and academics. The diversity of their backgrounds and current research interests allow us to work at different interfaces of biological sciences.

Prof. Sohail Qureshi

Professor & Director

Dr Sohail Qureshi is Vice Chancellor at CECOS University, as well as Professor of Molecular Biology and Director at IIB. He has 25+ years of experience both in academia and industry in leading institutions including Glasgow, Imperial, Cambridge and Wisconsin-Madison. Dr Qureshi brings alot of energy and passion into the classroom and he strongly believes the next Abdus Salam is hidden in rural Pakistan.

Dr Faisal Khan

Assistant Professor, Founding Director

Dr Faisal Khan is an Assistant Professor and Founding Director at IIB. His group works in areas including systems biology, synthetic biology and bio-entrepreneurship. Dr Khan is super-passionate about the interface of biology with our industry. He holds a Masters and a Doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he also went to the Saïd Business School. Dr Khan advises the government on several boards.


Dr. Akhtar Nadhman

HOD Department of Biotechnology

Dr Akhtar Nadhman is Assistant Professor of Nanobiotechnology. His research group focuses on applications of nanotechnology in areas including infectious diseases, cancer therapeutics and the environment. Prior to IIB, Dr Nadhman was in the Khademhosseini Lab at MIT and Harvard. Dr Nadhman is also our Masters Programme Coordinator.

Prof. Dr. Fazal Subhan

HOD Department of Pharmacy

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Dr. Eimaan Sumayyah

HOD Department of Health Sciences

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Faculty of Biotechnology

Sulaiman Faisal

Senior Lecturer & Academic MS Coordinator 

Sulaiman Faisal is Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator for the MS Program at IIB. He has 10 years of research experience at the University of Heidelberg and Imperial College London where he worked on resistance pathways in Arabidopsis and the role of microtubule dynamics in axon steering.

Muhammad Nadeem

Lecturer and Exam Coordinator

Nadeem is Lecturer and Exam Coordinator at IIB. Nadeem has an M.Phil in Biotechnology from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad where his research focused on Nano-particle interactions and signalling in plant cells. Nadeem loves music, playing cricket and hiking.

Muhammad Aamir Wahab

Lecturer & Academic Coordinator – BS

Aamir is a lecturer and an amiable academic coordinator (Undergrad studies). He has done his M.Phil. in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from the Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar. Aamir has a food and molecular biotechnology research background. He has performed the molecular fingerprinting of species and worked to develop a high throughput assay to detect adulteration in meat products. He aims at focusing on the implementation and application of the nanoparticles towards the real-time fingerprinting and health assessment of the animal species. His research domain also covers molecular biotechnology and recombinant DNA technology applied to advanced genome editing tools such as CRISPR, RNAi, and miRNA are employed to find a sustainable cure for such as  lymphoma and leukemia, and other life-long diseases such as diabetes. Aamir holds multiple awards along the educational journey, including the gold medal in masters of philosophy, Talent Award, and Excellence Award in bachelors. Hobbies are sketching, traveling, reading books and hiking.

Dr. Khadija Raziq


Dr. Khadija Raziq is a Lecturer at IBB. She is stellar in the class and in the lab. She completed her PhD in Medical Genetics from Harbin Medical University, China. Her research work is primarily based on studying the role of non-coding RNA and their cross talk in the regulation of chemoresistance of cancer, as the fine association of different non-coding RNA provide promising opportunities for effective treatment strategies to overcome chemoresistance of cancer. Her current research focus is on finding new roles of non-coding RNA in cancer therapeutics and diagnostics. She is also the focal person for ORIC. Khadija aspires to continue her research work in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics to see a cancer free world. Apart from teaching and research her hobbies include arts and crafts, reading, cooking, caring for her plants and traveling.

Syeda Muzzayan Shah


Muzzayan is a biochemistry lecturer and undergraduate exam Coordinator. She holds an MPhil degree in Biochemistry from Khyber Medical University Peshawar and a BS in Biochemistry from Jinnah college for women University of Peshawar. Muzzayan worked on the association of plasma Zinc with Campylobacter Jejuni in children with acute Gastrointestinal problems.  She has an interest in clinical biochemistry in correlation with the biological processes at a cellular level with certain diseases. Her further research interest adds nutritional and micronutrient metabolism with a particular focus on Zinc. In her free time, she loves to read books, do content writing, and travel.

Mian Behzad Nadeem Qureshi

Lab Technologist

Behzad is Lab Technologist at IIB. He makes sure the Lab is always ready for futuristic research. He has done M.Phil. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Kohat University of Science and Technology. His research work was focused on finding if rhizosphere bacteria can grow on Mars to help humans in Mars colonization and terraformation. Current research focus is diverse including growing plants on Mars, Cancer and CRISPR and microbial fuel cells development. Behzad aspires to witness a cancer free world, sustainable energy production on planet Earth and a Multiplanetary human civilization.  In his free time, he prefers to study about the quantum world, string theory, space and stars. Another realm of Behzad is to do science communication, traveling, football, music and exploration.

Muhammad Ismail

Research Assistant/ Marketing Intern