Islam Science and our Future (ISFS) Series Introduction


Institute of Integrative Biosciences has initiated an interactive discussion series at the interface of Islam and science. The ‘Islam, Science and Our Future’ (ISFS) discussion series focuses on the interaction between Islam and science, the developments in the field of science and technology in the pre-Muslim and Muslim era and also discusses the future of science in relation to Islam.

The inaugural session was conducted on 19th March 2016.

Speakers included:
Dr. Muhammad Aziz, Department of Theology, Islamia College University
‘The Notion of Conflict Between Religion, Islam and Science’

Dr. Aziz Ullah, Department of Theology, UET Peshawar
‘Relationship Between Islam and Science: How to Move Forward’

Dr. Faisal Khan, Institute of Integrative Biosciences, CECOS University
Islam and Science: From Our Past into The Future

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