Biocamp 2017 is the second edition of a stimulating introduction to the latest in the fields of biology and medicine. The 6-day bootcamp is meant for students who are currently in year 10, 11 & 12 and are very passionate about biology and medicine. Junior and Senior students are also eligible if they can prove their interest!


Dr Faisal F. Khan
Director, IIB
DPhil, University of Oxford

Abida Zulfiqar
Research Associate
MPhil, ASAB, NUST, Islamabad

Adil Salim
Undergradute Research Coordinator
BS, COBAM, University of Peshawar

Why should I attend Biocamp 2017?
Apart from the chance of brushing up their concepts in preparation for university entrance exams and exposure to the latest trends in the field, bootcampers will:
-Get a head start at university.
-Thoroughly explore their career options in time.
-Interact and network with peers and experts in the field.
-Earn recommendations for their university applications – in the country and abroad.
-Receive a certificate and boost their CVs.

Why attend – the parents version?
-Critical role in helping your child build a career plan.
-Academically challenging your child and and giving them an intense deep-dive in the world of science.
-Introduce your child to group dynamics in university life, outside the classroom, and help her/him gather confidence.
-Clear up and solidify fundamental concepts in biology, strengthening their prospects in entry exams and standardized tests.

Course components
1)Lectures & Practical modules
i)Refresher – The cell and its components
ii)Introduction to Molecular Biology
iii)Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
iv)Why Computational Biology?
v)The dawn of Synthetic Biology
2)Group Project and Presentation
3)Class Quizzes
4)Panel discussion on Career Advice (Parents welcome)

For registrations click the button below or please visit Institute of Integrative Biosciences – CECOS University Peshawar Contact Mr. Adnan Fazal = 03215305454 /