Misbah Banuri

Visiting Lecturer

Born and bred in Peshawar, Misbah has a flare for writing but chooses to be a teacher instead. Having acquired a Masters’ degree in Journalism and Mass Communication drove her to her natural choice which was writing a column for a newspaper for a couple of years after which she was given the responsibility of editing an entire page but since she comes from a family of educationists, helping out teachers during her academic years was what she did voluntarily and that is what sparked the light of teaching within her. More so, working as a sub-editor on the district desk of a newspaper was not gratifying enough- she needed a little more to feed her soul hence the shift to lectureship. Having said that, the glitches and flaws in the Pakistani English curriculum motivated her to want to try to ‘fix it’.

On a personal level, Misbah is very outdoorsy and enjoys hiking and swimming when she is not reading or attending book club meetings. The contrast in personality is what makes her who she is-outgoing and eager to participate in any activity that would change the mindset of the city she calls her own. Since the only obvious way to go is being able to reach out to young adults, she is stepping out of her comfort zone to inculcate in these young minds the ability to see beyond the limited horizon of text books.