IIB Faculty Team

At IIB, we have a strong cross-disciplinary team of researchers and academics. The diversity of their backgrounds and current research interests allow us to work at different interfaces of biological sciences.

Meet the Team

Prof. Sohail Qureshi

Professor & Director

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Dr Sohail Qureshi is Vice Chancellor at CECOS University, as well as Professor of Molecular Biology and Director at IIB. He has 25+ years of experience both in academia and industry in leading institutions including Glasgow, Imperial, Cambridge and Wisconsin-Madison. Dr Qureshi brings alot of energy and passion into the classroom and he strongly believes the next Abdus Salam is hidden in rural Pakistan.

Dr Faisal Khan

Assistant Professor, Founding Director

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Dr Faisal Khan is an Assistant Professor and Founding Director at IIB. His group works in areas including systems biology, synthetic biology and bio-entrepreneurship. Dr Khan is super-passionate about the interface of biology with our industry. He holds a Masters and a Doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he also went to the Saïd Business School. Dr Khan advises the government on several boards.

Dr. Akhtar Nadhman

Assistant Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Biotechnology

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Dr Akhtar Nadhman is Assistant Professor of Nanobiotechnology. His research group focuses on applications of nanotechnology in areas including infectious diseases, cancer therapeutics and the environment. Prior to IIB, Dr Nadhman was in the Khademhosseini Lab at MIT and Harvard. Dr Nadhman is also our Masters Programme Coordinator.

Dr Eimaan Sumayyah

Assistant Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Allied Health Sciences

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Sulaiman Faisal

Senior Lecturer & Academic Coordinator MS Program

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Sulaiman Faisal is Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator for the MS Program at IIB. He has 10 years of research experience at the University of Heidelberg and Imperial College London where he worked on resistance pathways in Arabidopsis and the role of microtubule dynamics in axon steering.

Mehak Ali

Lecturer & Academic Coordinator BS Programs

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Mehak ali is a Lecturer and Academic Coordinator for all BS programs at IIB. She holds an MS in Biotechnology from IIB, and a BS in Microbiology from the University of Peshawar. She has 3 years of research experience in the lab under the supervision of Dr. Sohail Qureshi.

Muhammad Nadeem

Lecturer and Exam Coordinator

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Nadeem is Lecturer and Exam Coordinator at IIB. Nadeem has an M.Phil in Biotechnology from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad where his research focused on Nano-particle interactions and signalling in plant cells. Nadeem loves music, playing cricket and hiking.

Adnan Fazal

STEM Outreach Coordinator

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Adnan is the STEM Outreach and Education Lead at IIB. He passionately works towards taking the science at IIB to schools and colleges across the province. Adnan has spent 10+ years in the Education sector and has worked at British Council. When free, Adnan likes sketching and socialising with friends and family.

Haris Sardar

Office Assitant

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Haris Sardar is Office Assistant at IIB. He holds an MBA from Qurtuba University and has financial and management experience at several institutions. At IIB, Haris is responsible for taking care of the Institute’s finance, management, and logistics needs. He is passionate about public engagement and in his free time listens to motivatonal speakers.

Muhammad Ismail

Research Assistant

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Muhammad Ismail is a Research Assistant under Dr. Sohail Qureshi at IIB, where he mentors students in the lab.  He is a veteran from iGEM Peshawar 2016 – Pakistan’s first ever iGEM team and instructed the iGEM Peshawar 2017 team. Ismail aspires to solve and revolutionise the way we deal with real world problems with biotechnology. He helps maintain IIB’s digital and social media presence, along with helping organise workshops and trainings.  Ismail is very passionate about travel, adventure and meeting new people. When he is home, he spends his days off swimming and diving off the coast of Karachi.