IIB Faculty Team

At IIB, we have a strong cross-disciplinary team of researchers and academics. The diversity of their backgrounds and current research interests allow us to work at different interfaces of biological sciences.

Meet the Team

Academic Staff

Abid Ali Khan

Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Peshawar
MPhil, University of Peshawar
MSc, University of Peshawar

Abida Zulfiqar

Research Associate

MPhil, National University of Science
and Technology, Islamabad
BS, University of Peshawar, Peshawar

Amjad Ali (On Leave)

Assistant Professor

Post-Doc, Brussels University
PhD, East China Normal University
MSc, University of Peshawar

Faisal F. Khan

Director & Assistant Professor

DPhil, University of Oxford
MSc, University of Oxford
BS, University of Peshawar

Humaira Akhtar

Research Associate

MPhil, Agriculture University Peshawar
BS, Agriculture University Peshawar

Muhammad Adil Salim

Undergraduate Research Coordinator

Syed Jawad Ali Shah

Visiting Lecturer

Sulaiman Faisal

Senior Lecturer

Hafsa Masud

Visiting Lecturer

Irshad Rehman

Visiting Lecturer

Adnan Niazi

Visiting Lecturer

Sohail Qureshi


Misbah Banuri

Visiting Lecturer

Dr. Akhtar Nadhman

Assistant Professor

Non-Academic Staff

Adnan Fazal

STEM Outreach Coordinator

Shehzad Khan

Support Staff

Saba Safdar (On Leave)

Project Associate - BioEntrepreneurship